Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum order requirement for Algio Produce?

A. we prioritize your convenience by offering top-quality orders starting at just $200.

Can I order products that are not in the fruit and vegetable catalog?

R/ Absolutely! At Algio, we want you to always have the ingredients you need to create exquisite dishes. So if you don’t see a fruit or product you want to buy, you can ask in any of our contact channels, and we will gladly search for everything you need.

Is it easy to get local and seasonal fruits and vegetables?

A. Algio offers endless possibilities for sourcing local products that you may need during their respective seasons. Our selection includes berries, tomatoes, squashes, and more from states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Can I purchase my order of fruits and vegetables with a credit system?

R/ Yes, with the aim of facilitating your payment methods, we offer Net 15 and Net 30 with all our products as well as electronic card payments.

What days of the week can I receive my fruit and vegetable order?

A. At Algio, we provide free delivery of fresh and diverse products to your business six days a week, except on Sundays. With this service, we ensure that your business never runs out of the supplies it requires.

How can I place my order for fruits and vegetables?

A. You have multiple options for ordering – through our online platform, via email, or by voicemail. For next-day delivery, please place your orders by 11:59 p.m.

Can I order less than a full box?

A. Certainly! Our products are available in full cases, half-cases, pounds, and units. This ensures that you can purchase the precise amount of products required for your business.